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I founded Vappora in 2014 after freeing myself from 25 years of addiction to cigarettes. I had tried many times in the past to rid myself of the dependency of what I consider one of the most difficult addictions to beat. Every attempt I made was frustratingly unsuccessful, I tried over the years every method possible...everything failed. Finally, vaping probably because its similarity with smoking allowed me at first to "substitute" one addiction for the other. Then, because when you vape, you can control how much nicotine you inhale, I was able to slowly reduce over time the amount of nicotine until I was finally ready to vape using zero nicotine and after a while...yeah! No more addiction! I could leave the house without returning in a hurry stressed over forgetting the nicotine fix at home, I could get on a plane and travel without going through the embarrassing and degrading experience of smoking in a confined dirty space in an airport, I could finally even quit vaping. Now I do, from time to time mostly to test products or by pure pleasure. This achievement seemed impossible for me for many years. I come from a family of heavy smokers for several generations. My paternal grandfather died from lung cancer, my father died from stomach cancer. I started smoking when I was 15 years old, and by the time I was 20 I was doing a pack a day.

You might be wondering: how do you go from just quitting smoking to entrepreneur? Because it is not like quitting smoking has anything to do with opening a shop...right?
Well, I lived my whole life in Venezuela and in 2007 I decided to look for a new horizon for both my 10-year-old daughter and me. We came to the US looking for peace, personal security...and hope. Through those difficult initial years of adaptation, I started selling things (clothing, toys, and personal items) online as a way to make ends meet for us. My experience with online selling began to grow on one side, and my success with quitting smoking grew on the other. I had friends and family members asking me for advice on how to start vaping, so at one point I said to myself: why not take this to the next level and reach more people, people that are looking forward to substituting one habit for another? Why not expand the idea? And that's where it all began, so I opened up a store on eBay. Six Months after, I woke up one morning to find that all my listings were gone, causing my business to shut down. This was a significant setback as I was loaded with inventory! At first, I had no clue what had caused all my listings to disappear, but I found out that eBay policy forbids the sales of electronic cigarettes. I had no idea that was even possible and found myself stuck in a predicament.
That's when Vappora was born! Three months later I was opening up my very own store. A small, but caring little place where I took care of everything from taking pictures, writing articles that answered questions I knew many people had, to SEO, marketing, shipping, accounting...everything. Vappora was just me for a long time and although there have been many challenges I have learned to overcome them while enjoying my job. Shipping at the speed of light, making packages, answering every email, every question, and meeting people online throughout the whole world has been rewarding. It is very satisfying for me to know that I helped somebody reach their goal. Despite, most sales happening within the anonymity of the internet, when I interact with a customer, it is usually a very gratifying experience.

My background as an architect (my career until I left Venezuela), helped me in conceptualizing the store and putting all the pieces together while targeting a pleasing visual, browsing and transaction experience.

Nowadays, Vappora is run by a mother-daughter super team! We pride ourselves in achieving a 99.5% rate of shipping on time, always responding to every customer inquiry in less than 24 hours, and most importantly, we care!  Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Welcome to Vappora!

Veronica & Andy


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