Age Verification

All on-line vapor stores are required by the FDA and the Credit Card processing companies to verify the age of each purchaser of vaping products.

The verification process, which is provided by a third party service: "AgeChecker" will pop up automatically right before you finish checking out. We chose to partner with AgeChecker because of its trustworthiness and also because it was the solution that asked for less information, thus protecting more our customer's privacy. Please note that none of the information you provide is received or kept on our servers.  Only if your verification process is successful, the order will effectively go through.

The process to verify your age is quite simple and should take no more than a minute. We will not ask for your social security number. Most customers can be automatically verified in seconds using only their name and address. If not, a picture of a valid photo ID can be immediately sent to finish the verification process.

Once you are successfully verified, you can skip the verification in future orders by logging into your verified account before starting the checkout process. You must be logged in before clicking the cart or checkout button.

We ask for your comprehension, the age check is mandatory and unfortunately, it will add a small amount of your time to complete the checkout process.

Thank you for your patience.


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