​ How To Use The Kangertech UBoat Pod Kit

Posted by Amina & Veronica on 15th Sep 2018

​ How To Use The Kangertech UBoat Pod Kit

How To Use The Kangertech UBoat Pod Kit

All it takes is 4 easy steps to start using your UBOAT. Once you set it up, it is an “automatic device” , no need to push any buttons, just inhale, which makes the UBOAT a pretty straight forward device, very easy for new vapers.

Your UBOAT kit

Package Contents:

The UBOAT comes in a slim container which holds:
1 Pre-assembled UBOAT (1 battery, 1 cartridge/pod)
1 UBoat charger cable,
1 User manual.

Kangertech Uboat Pod system kit

Let’s take a look at the parts:

Kanger Uboat Box contents

1. The UBOAT Kit comes pre-assembled and pre-charged from the factory. The device separates at the top where the cartridge and battery meet. To separate them, simply pull the top of the cartridge away from the battery. Don’t be afraid to pull a little harder as the cartridge and the battery can be a little tight.

Step 1 - Separate the cartridge and the battery

2. Remove the red sticker off the cartridge. The Uboat is meant to be used with thick liquids, Kangertech recommends liquids that are at minimum 50% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) which is the thick component of any e-liquid.

Step 2 - Remove the red sticker from the tank/pod

3.On the bottom of the cartridge you will see a little red silicone plug. Remove and place the red plug in a safe location.

Step 3 - Remove the red plug

4.- Next fill the cartridge with E-liquid about 3/4 of the way. (Pro-Tip: if you hold the pod against a light source, you will be able to see how full is the cartridge)

Step 4 - Fill the cartridge

4. Replace the red plug. Make sure the little red plug is correctly aligned and inserted, otherwise the battery might not make contact and will not power up, or you might experience leaking. Wait 30 seconds before vaping.

Step 5 - Check the plug

5.-Reattach the cartridge to the battery. Wait 30 seconds and start vaping. A white LED light turns on when inhaling the UBOAT.

That's it! Super easy!

Re-charging the Uboat:

To recharge the Uboat, simply insert the Uboat as shown in the picture below into the charger and connect to your any USB port like your computer, car, AC USB wall adapter, etc.

Uboat - Re-charging the battery

-The LED light turns red when while it is being charged and green when it is fully charged.
-LED will flash 10 times and stop functioning when the battery is drained.
-LED will flash 3 times and stop functioning when atomizer is in short circuit, or it reached the end of its life, which means you need to place a new cartridge.
-The battery has a 10 second auto shut-off feature to protect the coil inside cartridge, meaning you can not inhale continuously for more than 10 seconds.

Make sure to keep the tank full at least a third of the way to keep from dry hitting the cartridge and change the cartridge when you see the UBOAT producing less vapor or producing a bad taste. Also, remember that when the coil wears out it could start leaking as with any vaping device. If your uboat starts leaking first make sure the little red plug is well in place, if this is not the issue it is probably time to change the cartridge.

If you have any further questions, Feel free to contact us

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~Happy Vaping~

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