7 Tips to Choose the Right Vaping Kit

Posted by Veronica on 3rd Sep 2018

7 Tips to Choose the Right Vaping Kit

7 Tips to Choose the Right Vaping Kit

Choosing your first starter kit is no easy task. There are too many options to choose from and the vaping jargon can be daunting. But here are a few things to consider when looking at a vaping starter kit:

  1. E Cigarette Size:

    This is probably the first thing you pay attention to when thinking about starting to vape. When you have been smoking cigarettes and you are used to the small, light weighted cigarettes and you look at the vaping options out there, it can be intimidating at first. Any vaping pen, vaporizer, e-cigarette, cig-a-like or whatever option you might be looking at is much bigger and/or heavier that a traditional cigarette. That is a fact, just as it is true that small cig-a-likes (the e-cigarettes that look like a traditional cigarette) do not produce enough vapor as to provide you with an experience that can truly make the switch easy, without feeling something is missing: the amount of vapor. I believe that any "good quality" Ego sized e-cigarette is a good starting point in terms of amount of vapor produced compared to traditional cigarettes. 
If you are wondering what is an Ego sized e-cigarette you can read this article: What is Ego? If keeping the glamour of a thin and small size matters to you, I suggest you take a look at the Kangertech Emus Starter Kit. This kit produces a very good amount of vapor and is thin and small.

  2. Are you a “mouth to lung” MTL vaper or a “direct lung” DL vaper?

    You need to determine which type of “inhaler” or “vaper” you are. If when you inhale, you fill your mouth with smoke before passing it to your lungs then you are an “MTL” vaper ( MTL=mouth to lung). Most smokers are MTL vapers. If on the contrary, you inhale without stopping the smoke in your mouth, directly to your lungs then you are a “DL” vaper (DL=Direct Lung). It is essential to determine this first than anything as most devices do not work right for both types of vapers. For MTL vaping, the coils used are above 1 Ohm, Sub-Ohm coils are for DL vaping. It is also related to the level of nicotine: nicotine levels above 6mg (that would be the level of a light smoker) does not bode well with Sub-Ohm devices, the flavor is horrible, and the throat hit can be overwhelming. Sub-ohm vaping is for low levels of nicotine, even better with no nicotine at all.

  3. Can you clean your vape?

    This is important...can you clean the tank? Can you replace the atomizer head (coil) or do you have to trash the whole tank after the atomizer wears off? Can you take it apart and clean it? Why do you want a cleanable tank? First of all because of hygiene but ... what about when you just want to change flavors? All starter kits we offer are cleanable. Be aware that most cig-a-like kits sold in gas stations are not cleanable.

  4. Capacity:

    Since vaping depends on electricity you want a vaping kit with a battery that has plenty of capacity to last charged most of the day if not more. The capacity of the battery is measured in mAh. A 650 mAh (3.7V constant output) will last 7-8 hours of use for the average person, and you will need two batteries to charge one while the other is in use. Another option is to use a passthrough battery that can power your tank at the same time it is charging, so as long as it is connected to a USB port, you can vape regardless of how much charge the battery is holding. The third option is to get a battery with a capacity of 1600 mAh or more. In any case, it is always advisable to have an extra battery (just in case).

  5. Vapor Production:

    The vapor production is key when choosing your kit. Not enough vapor will make you feel frustrated. There are many factors involved in how much vapor is produced: the type of technology of the tank/cartomizer/clearomizer, the resistance level of the atomizer head with respect to the battery output and then the type of e-liquid you are using to vape. All the vaping starter kits we offer have a bottom atomizer head (coil) that you replace when it wears off and you notice the flavor or amount of vapor starts to diminish. The bottom coil technology made by Kangertech is excellent in yielding good flavor and amount of vapor. For an explanation of how it works please click here--> How is the vapor produced? .

  6. Regarding the e-liquid, there are two components (besides the flavor) used as a base: PG (Propylene Glycol) and VG (Vegetable Glycerin). The more VG the e-liquid has, the more vapor. But VG is smooth in your throat so despite it causing more vapor production it might not give enough "throat hit" (that feeling in your throat that something is passing through). PG increases the throat hit sensation, and it is also used because it is perfect for mixing the flavors.
  7. Safety:

    This is paramount. Is the kit safe? In which way it can be not safe? There are two things to look for: - The tank: is it plastic? If so, consider that some acid flavors can degrade the plastic which is not something desirable. In my opinion glass (pyrex even better) is the way to go. -The battery: does it has security features? Auto shut-off in case of short circuit? The more safety features, the better. -The metal: what is its origin? Is it RoHS certified? RoHs is a certification given to products after tests to prove there is no lead content. I have seen Kanger tank clones that after a certain amount of time start rusting because the material used is not stainless steel but some cheap metal alloy. Besides the risk of metal contamination, the last thing you would want is to have rust in your tank.

  8. Authenticity:

    Why authenticity matters? It matters first of all because of safety. When you buy a clone (and the market is flooded with these), there is no guarantee of the materials being used or that the batteries have the safety features built-in. Authentic Kangertech / Kanger products are RoHS certified which means there is a guarantee that no toxic lead is present in the metal. You have no warranty when buying a clone battery that the internal safety features are in place. Even worse when it comes to atomizer heads (coils). Clone coils might not only have been made with contaminated metal but usually, these do not perform as they should; these might burn very quickly and not deliver the stated resistance level. Lastly, more than likely you will not be able to find parts that fit correctly because clones despite looking similar to the authentic ones have differences in size, threads and proportions, and their production and distribution is inconsistent. Also, when you buy a genuine vaping kit you are covered under the manufacturer warranty, something nonexistent when purchasing clones.

Well, I hope I have provided you with a general view of what to consider when looking for a starting kit. I know there is too much information out there and it is confusing at first, but it does not have to be that complicated.

If you already know you are an MTL (mouth to lung) type of vaper you can check these Starter Kits: Kanger MTL Starter Kits

If you know you are a DL (Direct to lung)  type of vaper, please check these Starter Kits: DL Starter Kits.

If you need any further assistance in choosing a starter kit, send us an email or give us a call, we are always willing to help you with your questions and concerns. 

Have a good day :)


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