Constant, Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage Vape Battery

Posted by Veronica on 10th Sep 2018

Constant, Variable Voltage or Variable Wattage Vape Battery

Types of vape batteries

There are 3 types of batteries you can choose when it comes to vaping.

Constant Voltage:

These are the most basic ones, usually provide 3.7V constant output.

Variable Voltage - VV:

In these you can vary the voltage (usually from 3.2V to 5.2V)

Variable Wattage - VW:

You can choose or vary the Wattage setting.

So what is the difference?

With either option one chooses, the goal is constant and the same: to have a satisfying amount of vapor and a good flavor.

The difference between a Variable Voltage (VV) or a Variable Wattage (VW) battery is just about choosing a type of “interface” to reach your final goal of a pleasant vapor/flavor experience. Both will get there if you choose the right settings, but one requires less work on your part than the other.

Needless to say that with a constant voltage battery your best experience in terms of vapor/flavor will be when you put a new coil and refill the tank. This experience will degrade day by day (because the coil wears out) until you have to change the coil, then you get that much needed boost of vapor/flavor until it degrades again. You can not try to overcome the degrading process by adjusting anything because there is nothing “adjustable”. The only thing you can do is to change coils more often.

So, there are 2 types of “variables” available: voltage and wattage. Which one is better?
I am of the opinion that both are equally good but one is easier than the other when all you are trying to achieve a “constant”, satisfying experience.

What you need to understand is that the coil will constantly degrade its performance because it will wear out over time and the voltage can be changed to overcome the degraded coil performance.

So lets say you have a VV battery that you are using with your Aerotank Mini that is using a 1.8 ohm coil, and after playing with the Voltage levels you found that 4.8V was just perfect (nice amount of vapor, good flavor). What happens is that after a few days your coil probably will not be performing as the first day you started using it (normal wear) so you will have to adjust the voltage (more than likely raise it) to get the same vapor/flavor experience as before.

When you instead use a Variable Wattage (VW) battery, once you find the sweet spot Wattage setting where the vapor/flavor is the best, the battery will take care of doing the math for you to deliver the same “experience” over and over. The battery will take care of adjusting the Voltage accordingly with the coil resistance in place to deliver the Wattage you selected over and over. So if you know that your tank using a 2.2Ohm coil delivers great vapor/flavor at 13Watts...that is it! You just leave it at 13 Watts, it will adjust the voltage for you to maintain a constant 13W output.

So, in my opinion it is easier to achieve a constant experience with a variable wattage battery than it is with a constant voltage or variable voltage battery. VW is pretty much like having an automatic pilot that will take care of the voltage setting and will read the coil resistance instead of you changing the voltage constantly to keep the experience in the sweet spot.

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