Ego E-cigarette, Ego Battery ...What is Ego?

Posted by Veronica on 7th Sep 2018

Ego E-cigarette, Ego Battery ...What is Ego?

Ego E-cigarette, Ego Battery: What is Ego?

There is a lot of confusion since the name Ego originated years ago by a popular vape pen model developed by Joyetech. At the time, it made a difference with the cig-a-like type of e-cigarettes, so an Ego became a sort of a popular, modern standard. Afterward, you could find Ego e-cigs of any brand you can imagine, and the term ego went beyond the original Joye Ego to become a standard, ultimately a standard type of thread.

You can use most Ego threaded batteries with any Ego threaded tank, they match. They can be screwed together.

The Ego thread connection:

You can use most Ego threaded batteries with any Ego threaded tank, they match. They can be screwed together.

In the end, what is important to know is that "Ego" is a type of thread that must be connected to its counterpart (male/female) Ego thread.

Ego thread female and male connection.

The 510 thread connection:

There is another common type of thread: the 510 thread. The 510 thread is common in bigger tanks and batteries, mods, etc. In the picture below, there is an Aerotank V2 and an Ipow 2 showing their 510 connection.

Vape with 510 thread connection male and female.

Can you mix an Ego battery with a 510 tank?

Yes! There is an adaptor that allows an Ego tank connection to a 510 threaded battery or Mod like the one shown in the picture below.

510 to Ego Adaptor

Ego Vaping options:

There are many high-quality vape pens, electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, or whatever name (there are many) you like to use, with excellent performance that are Ego threaded. Of the most popular is the Kanger Mini Protank 2, Mini Protank 3, Kanger Aerotank Mini, which is Stainless Steel made, can be disassembled and cleaned. There is also the popular Evod, one of the most well-known vape pens; there is also the Emow that comes in the Emow Mega Starter Kit that is Ego threaded, and there are all kinds and brands of Ego tanks and batteries you can imagine.

Ego threaded devices usually have a diameter of 14mm approximately - not the Emow Mega, which is 18 mm. Most Ego threaded batteries also have a 510 thread inside the Ego thread, opening the possibility of using the battery with bigger tanks that are usually 510 threaded.

Ego male thread and female 510 thread is standard in most Ego batteries.

510 Tanks can also be an option:

Using a 510 threaded tank with the internal 510 connection of an Ego battery might not be an optimal option, in my opinion, as it is not visually appealing to have a tank bigger in diameter than the battery. Still, from a functional point of view, it works fine, most of the time.

Ego battery connected to a bigger, wider 510 threaded tank.

There is the option of adding a "beauty ring" to make the transition in size visually smoother. Some tank kits come with a beauty ring like the Kanger Aerotank V2.

A beauty ring helps smooth the transition between an Ego and a bigger 510 tank.

Charging the Ego battery:

Ego threaded batteries that also have a 510 connector (all Kangertech Ego batteries do) are charged using a charger that has a male 510 connector like the one you see in the picture.


Ego battery is charged using the 510 battery charger known as Evod USB charger.

The Pass-through option:

Some Ego batteries have a USB port that can charge the battery or could also have a pass-through function. The pass-through function means that it will "pass" the electricity to the tank at the same time the battery is charging, so you don't have to wait for the battery to charge fully to use it. An example of an Ego pass-through battery is the Kangertech Evod USB.

USB charging port of a pass-through battery.

Types of Ego batteries and options:

You can find Ego batteries that have constant voltage (usually 3.7 V) like the Kanger Evod USB pass-through battery or the Evod 1000 mAh and also Ego batteries that have variable voltage like the Kangertech Ipow or the Evod Twist VV (variable voltage).

You can use the Kangertech Evod Chargers that connect to the Ego 510 thread to charge this type of battery.

There are many options to mix and match, and most combinations work fine, others are not so good but still work. Make sure you are matching the thread, and if you have any doubts about your choice, send us an email; we will gladly help you.

Other vape pen kits use a completely different type of thread, for more option take a look at our selection of Vape Pens, you will surely find one that suits your way of vaping

Available Ego Tanks:

Available Ego Batteries:

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