Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nic Salts

Posted by Sebastian on 15th Apr 2019

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nic Salts

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Nic Salts

Nicotine salts are getting the love and devotion that they finally deserve - and no one really knows why.

After all, vape juice has been crowned king by new-age smokers. It's an easier and more affordable way to get the nicotine results that you want compared to buying cigarettes or snuff. So what's the big deal with nic salts?

If you're asking this question, then you are way behind on the awesomeness that is nicotine salts.

Here's the thing: if you're someone who cares a lot about their nicotine high, then you should be using nicotine salts. And if you haven't been doing that, you've been missing out.

Interested? We thought so. This article will give you the rundown on what to know about nicotine salt e-liquids so you can know what to expect. Read on to find out more.

What Are Nic Salts?

If we were to put this in simple terms, think of nicotine salts as the super buff version of regular e-liquids. The term "salts" has nothing to do with table salt or regular salt as we know it; it does not mean that the liquid is "salty" in taste.

In natural tobacco, the nicotine molecule can bond with certain acids resulting in a much more stable molecule. When the nicotine molecule bonds to an acid the result is Nicotine Salt.

Nicotine salt is just the result of a Nicotine molecule bonded with specific acid (more commonly benzoic acid), and the result is a more absorbable form of nicotine.

Before nicotine salts came along, packing a high concentration of nicotine into e-liquids just wasn't heard of. The way that the liquids are produced doesn't allow for that to happen, because the smooth experience would be ruined if it did.

Because of this, e-liquids are only allowed an average of 3mg to 12mg of nicotine, with 18mg to 20mg happening in some rare cases. This meant that vapists couldn't experience an extreme nicotine rush if they wanted to.

That's where nicotine salts come in.

Thanks to some intensive scientific research, now nicotine can be soluble in high concentration compounds without sacrificing the taste or the throat hit. From that day on, nicotine salts became an official product.

In a few words, Nic Salts are an efficient way to deliver high amounts of nicotine while vaping less.

What is the difference between traditional e-liquids and Nicotine Salts?

  • Nicotine Salts are absorbed better and faster by the body than traditional e-liquids nicotine. 
  •  Nicotine Salts can be purchased at higher nicotine concentrations (up to 50 mg) than found in traditional e-liquids. 
  • High concentrations in traditional e-liquids are a lot more harsh in your throat than that experienced in Nicotine Salts. 
  • Nicotine Salts produce less vapors than traditional e-liquids 
  • Because of the usually high nicotine concentration and their less cloud production, Nicotine Salts are indicated for MTL vaping devices
  • Nicotine Salts can be more expensive

What vape devices can be used with Nicotine Salts?

Here are some MTL devices that can be used with Nicotine Salts:

  • Kanger Uboat MTL Kit Pod System comes with refillable and replaceable pods so you can choose your own salts
  • Smok Nord Kit comes with refillable and replaceable pods and an option for Sub-Ohm vaping.
  • Salt Tank by Auro, a stainless steel construction 2ml tank you can use with your mod. Offers replaceable coil in 1.5 and 1.8 Ohms.
  • Trinity Alpha by Smok comes with refillable Pods, replaceable Nord Coils and different power level you can adjust, very cool!
  • RPM80 Pro by Smok, it is a refillable Pod system with a replaceable battery cell and adjustable output.

Made for High Nicotine Seekers

Nicotine salts are made for those who want the nicotine high or those looking to absorb an amount of nicotine to calm the craving quickly. Because of this, some people will carry a Nic Salt vape device in their pockets, and when given a chance, a quick puff will satisfy the craving for a while, putting aside the need to vape constantly.

For example, though it retains good taste, the salts produce very low clouds. If you're someone who vapes for the cloud action, then nicotine salts are not going to do that for you.

Buying salts are also a bit more pricey than average e-juice, because of the amount of nicotine and the time and process it takes to make the product.

That aside, when you buy nicotine salts you're buying a product that you know is of great value, and will give you exactly what you've paid for. If nicotine is your #1 reason to vape, then nicotine salt is the only way to go.

Where can I find good quality Nicotine Salts?

Here at Vappora, we have a selection of outstanding quality Nicotine Salts made by one of the most prestigious e-liquid manufacturers in the US: Nicopure Labs. You can find many flavors and nicotine strengths options to satisfy your vaping experience:

MTL Nic Salts under the Atomic Salts, Evo Nic Salts, Halo Nicotine Salts, Ybor Nicotine Salts
Sub-Ohm Nic Salts, the same famous flavors (Tribeca and Subzero) in a Sub-Ohm Nicotine Salt format.

We also carry other excellent quality Nic Salts like the ones made by California Grown Nic Salts in very indulging fruity flavors.

Get Your Vape On

So, do nic salts sound like something you would like to try? Well, you're in the right place to do just that - and a whole lot more.

At Vappora, we focus all of our energy on offering the best vapes and vape products you could ask for, and at a price that works for everyone. Choose from our selection of starter kits, coils, tanks, batteries, nicotine salts, and much more.

Have any comments or concerns that you want us to know about? We'd love to hear from you. Just reach out to us, and we'll be sure to handle the question quickly and get you on your way to vaping.

Check us out. We're sure we've got something for you here.

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