Get Rid of the Burnt Taste: When and How to Change Your Vape Coil

Posted by Sebastian on 11th Jul 2019

Get Rid of the Burnt Taste: When and How to Change Your Vape Coil

Get Rid of the Burnt Taste: When and How to Change Your Vape Coil

What if the phrase "feel the burn" applied to your tastebuds?

Most of us use a vape because we enjoy the awesome taste. But if you wait too long to change your coil, you may be stuck with a nasty and burnt taste.

Wondering when and how to change your vape coil? Keep reading to learn all about it!

When to Change the Coil

People wondering when to change their vape coil are usually looking for a magic number that works for everyone. The truth is that things are more complex.

For example, it's a good practice to change the coil every two weeks. But many vapers go longer than that between changes due to a variety of other factors (see our notes below).

So, how often should you change the coil? If you're new to vaping, stick with every two weeks. For veteran vapers, we recommend getting a feel for the average amount of time your chosen device takes.

Other Factors

Earlier, we mentioned that other factors might cause you to change your vape coil sooner or later than the two-week threshold. Some of those possible factors are listed below.

The first factor is, of course, vaping frequency. If you vape every day, the coil will wear out quicker than if you only indulge occasionally. The same goes for vaping over long periods of time instead of in quick bursts.

Your choice of vape liquid may also impact coil replacement. If the liquid has a high level of VG, then you're going to be wearing the wick out more quickly than if you had a mixture of PG and VG.

Finally, there is the power outfit of your device. More power wears coils out more quickly, and mods that let you change voltage and increase power wear things out before you know it!

Now that you know about the factors that may affect change frequency, it's time to start the process of actually changing the coil.

Drain the Juice

It may be obvious, but step one is to remove any remaining juice. And the way you do this may vary from device to device, but it all comes down to emptying the atomizer.

Find the atomizer head on your vape. Next, unscrew the tank from the battery and empty out the liquid.

As we said, the exact process may vary between types of vapes and the exact brand that manufactures it. But the bottom line remains the same: you need to get all the liquid out before you move on to the next step!

Unscrew the Coil

The next step is to unscrew the vape coil. This may require some additional tools depending on both the condition and the brand of the coil.

For example, it may be covered in juice. If that's the case, you'll want a paper towel or regular towel to help you unscrew the coil without making a mess.

If you have a build deck, you may need to use a special wrench or hex screw to unscrew your vape coil. If you have a pre-built vape, then it may be easier to unscrew the coil without using any special tools.

Coil to Atomizer

Now that you have the old coil out, you need to refill the tank. A vape with no juice isn't going to do you much good!

Next, it's time to put the new coil in. For the most part, this is just doing the reverse of the previous steps.

Those with pre-built vapes have it easier once again. You should be able to screw your new coil in just as easily as you unscrewed the old coil.

If you have a build deck, you may need to use those same special tools that we mentioned earlier.

Once you have the new coil back in, it's time to take the final steps and also take a few precautions.

Refilling Tips

Refilling the tank may seem like a simple step. However, there is one precaution you should take whenever you're handing the liquid for your vape.

Make sure that you don't get any liquid down the center of the tube on your vape. The result is your coil may flood or your vape may leak. All of a sudden, you'll have a bigger problem on your hands than a simple coil replacement!

Don't Be Impatient

Chances are that you're pretty impatient to get back to vaping. However, if you're too impatient, you may end up harming the device.

After you have refilled the tank and screwed the new coil in, don't try to fire it up right away. Instead, let it soak in for a few minutes so that the wick inside the coil is fully saturated. Moistening the wick is what is called "priming" the coil. There are a few tricks advanced vapers use to achieve priming the coil faster, but it will depend on the type of vaping kit you are using.

If you fire it up before the wick is fully soaked, you may end up burning the wick and even ruining the atomizer head on your device. In this case, a little impatience can damage the entire device.

Just think of those few minutes of waiting as letting your anticipation build up!

Your Vape, Your Preferences

Earlier, we made a blanket recommendation about changing your vape coil every two weeks or so. However, if you don't want to just go by a calendar, you can also go by how it feels and tastes when you are vaping.

For example, you may suddenly notice less vapor is coming from your device. Or you may take a hit that ends up tasting really dry and nasty. Finally, you may notice that your coils are leaking into the base!

All of these are signs that you should change the coil ASAP, regardless of how many weeks have (or have not) gone by.

How to Change Your Vape Coil: The Bottom Line

Now you know both when and how to change your vape coil. However, do you know where to find the best online deals for a new coil?

We specialize in delivering the best vaping supplies directly to your door. To see how we can make your next hit better than ever, come check out our selection of coils today!


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