How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage for Your Vape

Posted by Sebastian on 21st Jun 2019

How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage for Your Vape

How to Choose the Right CBD Dosage for Your Vape

There's no denying that adults around the world are going crazy for everything CBD.

From edibles and tinctures to vapes and balms, there's a form of cannabidiol ideal for every need and lifestyle.

For many, vaping is the go-to way to consume CBD. It provides a relaxing and enjoyable way to feel the extract's effects quicker.


When you vape CBD, it goes straight into your bloodstream without having to travel through your digestive system first. That means people who suffer from anxiety, sleep disorders or pain flare-ups can get fast relief without the wait.

Yet, there is no one-size-fits-all measure for vaping CBD. How do you know your correct CBD dosage amount?

Today, we're delving into this topic. We'll discuss a few different factors that affect your personal dosage and how to find your sweet spot today.

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Understanding Bioavailability

As mentioned, there are myriad ways to consume CBD. Each has its own level of bioavailability.

This metric refers to how much of the chemical your bloodstream absorbs.

Of all the forms of CBD consumption, vaping has the highest level of bioavailability. This means you're getting the maximum effect possible. When you vape a CBD concentrate, such as CBD oil, the alveoli in your lungs go to work almost immediately to absorb the compound.

In addition, your lungs provide a large surface area for absorption. As you continue to smoke, the CBD passes through the alveoli and enters your bloodstream. Once it's there, it can travel at a fast pace throughout the rest of your body.

On the other hand, the bioavailability of CBD when consumed through other measures is much lower. The following reveals the percent of CBD your body can absorb with each method of consumption:

  • CBD capsules or edibles: 5% to 15%
  • CBD under-the-tongue tinctures: 20% to 30%
  • CBD vape oil: 40% to 50%

In other words, if you take a 10 mg capsule of CBD, your body may only absorb 0.5 mg of it. If you vape the same amount, you'll absorb at least 4 mg.

Keep bioavailability in mind when determining your CBD vape dosage. If you decide to change your method of consumption, you'll need to remember these rates to re-calculate.

Start with Your Body Weight

How much do you weigh?

No one likes answering this question, but it's a critical one when you're choosing a CBD dosage for vaping.

In general, the heavier you are, the higher the dosage you can take. However, it's best to work with concrete numbers. Here is an overview to get you started.

Between 80 and 150 Pounds

This the lightest end of the scale. If your number falls into this range, you should consume the least amount of CBD.

For a low dose, stick with around 12 mg. While you can go a little stronger with a 15 mg medium dose, don't exceed 18 mg.

Between 151 and 240 Pounds

People in this range are middle-of-the-road when it comes to CBD dosing.

Your low dose will be 18 mg. Your medium dose is around 22.5 mg and your strongest dose is 27 mg.

240 Pounds or Higher

This is the highest weight category and also contains the strongest doses.

A low dose will be 22.5 mg. A medium dose is 30 mg and a strong dose is 45 mg.

A Note on Body Weight

When you're still researching your dosage amount, always go with the lowest dose in your category first. From there, you can make adjustments to increase it a little based on your needs, but you'll want to start small.

Why go slow? If you take too much at once, it doesn't take long to feel the side effects. In most cases, this will only lead to moderate drowsiness, but this can have an adverse effect.

While you may not feel anything at all if your dosage is too low, it's better to err on the side of caution. Try your lowest amount first and inch it up from there until it's right.

Reading Your CBD Vape E-Liquid Bottle

Unsure how much you're putting into your vape pen? Most CBD vape e-liquid labels list the total amount of CBD they contain (in milligrams). While this is great information to have, it may not include details on per-mL amounts.

This can make it tricky to know how much CBD you're using. To find out how many milligrams are in one milliliter, divide the total mg of CBD by the number of mL in the bottle.


A 30 mL bottle of CBD e-liquid containing 1,000 total mg of CBD equals around 33.3 mg of CBD per mL.

Rolling with an oversized vape pen that holds more than one mL? This calculation still works, though you'll need to tweak the final step.

If yours holds 2 mL, you'll multiply that final number by 2, giving you 66.6 mg. If it holds 3 mL, multiply it by 3 to get 99.9 mg.

Determine Your Daily Intake

Want to get even more technical?

You can also determine how much CBD you're intaking per puff!

While each CBD tank and pen can output different levels of vapor and each person's puff is unique, there are some standards that help.

In most cases, you'll get about 100 to 200 puffs per 1 mL cartridge. Using those numbers, a 1 mL cartridge that holds 200 mg of CBD outputs around 1 to 2 mg of CBD per puff.

Of course, if you invest in a vape mod, you'll enjoy greater control over your puff measurements. Some even come equipped with an integrated puff counter!

Start with a full cartridge of vape juice and use your counter to see how many puffs it takes to empty it. That way, you'll have a loose idea of how much CBD you get per puff.

Don't want to get so specific? Stick with the basics and keep it simple. Once you determine the total amount of CBD in your tank, keep track of how often you use it and go from there.

For instance, if your tank holds 50 mg of CBD and you only vaped half of it, you took in 25 mg. Did your counter read around 25-30 puffs? That means you got about 1 mg per puff.

Find Your CBD Dosage and Enjoy Today

When you're ready to relax and shake off the day, CBD is a great way to do so. Whatever your preferred method of ingestion, there are tools, resources, and solutions designed to fit your need.

Vaping can be a great way to dip your toes into this realm and learn the ropes. Yet, it's important to get your CBD dosage right before you begin. Doing so can help you enjoy the experience in a safe and healthy way!

When you're ready to learn more about vaping, we'd love to help.

We offer a range of vaping tools and accessories, from starter kits, batteries and coils to e-liquids and yes, CBD vape oil!

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