How to Use the Kanger EMUS Kit

Posted by Veronica on 31st Aug 2018

How to Use the Kanger EMUS Kit

How to Use the Kanger EMUS Kit

The Emus is one of the best 510 Vape Pen Kits on the market. It is very slim and easy to use.

Please read carefully before using your Kangertech kit

Your Kangertech Emus Kit contains:

Kangertech Emus Kit parts

Let’s take a look at the parts:

Kanger Emus parts

1.- The batteries come pre-charged from the factory. Each battery has a safety feature that allows you to “lock” it so it will not power by clicking the button. This is good to implement when you are putting your Emus inside a pocket or in your purse.

The batteries are shipped in “locked” position. To unlock it you have to press the Power button 5 times in 2 seconds. You will se the light flash 5 times.

Unlock the Emus battery

2.- Unscrew the base from the tank. It will have the coil in it. You can unscrew the coil from the base.

Now, screw the coil back into the base, make sure it is correctly screwed in.

Screw the coil to the base of the Emus

3.- Screw the base (that already has the coil in) into the top of the battery:

Screw the base to the battery of the Emus

4.- Take the tank and position it upside down to fill it with the liquid. Pour the e-liquid inside the tank close to the glass walls, and be careful not to overfill above the middle tube level

Pour the e liquid close to the wall - Emus

5.- Now screw the battery that already has the base of the tank screwed in, into the tank

Screw the tank into the Emus battery

6.- That’s it! Now you have to let your Emus rest in upright position for a couple of minutes in order for the coil to get well moistened with liquid (primed). If you do not give it time to absorb the liquid and operate it, you will taste what is called a “dry hit” tastes horrible (you are burning the coil). If this happens to you, you must discard the coil and put a new coil. 

There are other ways to prime the coil you could experiment later on. Find out by reading our article: 3 Ways to prime the coil

Besides charging the battery, you need to change the coils when they wear out. How to know when it wears out? When you notice a decrease in the amount of vapor and flavor.

After waiting a couple of minutes you are ready to go. Now press the power button at the same time you inhale from the vaporizer.

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Enjoy! :)

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Other important notes:

Charging the Emus battery with the Kanger USB adapter

It is always normal to see a drop of e-liquid in the battery connector when you unscrew the battery from the tank. Just dry the connector gently with a paper towel.

Remember that these personal vaporizers unlike cigarettes are not disposable so in order to keep the hygiene we recommend having disinfecting wipes and wipe the tip and the whole vaporizer during the day every once in a while.

This vaporizer can be left in any position (upside down, laying horizontally, etc.) and it will not leak, so you do not have to worry about how you lay it down.

Make sure to refill the tank when it is at a third of its capacity (avoid a “dry hit”) and change coils often as needed.

You are on your way...enjoy!

Happy vaping :)


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