How to use the Kanger Mini Protank 2 USB Starter Kit

Posted by Veronica on 17th Feb 2015

How to use the Kanger Mini Protank 2 USB Starter Kit

How to use the Kanger Mini Protank 2 USB Starter Kit

Please read carefully before using the kit

You just received the Kanger Mini Protank 2 USB Starter Kit containing:

1 Mini Protank 2 Kit

Kanger Mini Protank 2

1 EVOD USB Battery

EVOD USB passthrough battery

1 Airflow Control Valve

Kangertech Airflow Control Valve for Mini

1.- Screw one coil to the top thread of the Airflow Control Valve. Make sure it is well screwed. Loose coils will cause leaking.

Screwing the coil to the Airflow Control Valve

2.- Position the Mini Protank upside down to fill the tank

Filling the Mini Protank

3.- Do not pour e-liquid into the middle tube of the tank (this is actually an airway/vapor passage). Pour the e-liquid inside the tank close to the glass walls, and be careful not to overfill above the middle tube level (the air/vapor passage)

How to fill the Mini Protank 2

4.- Take the Airflow Control base that has the coil already screwed in and screw it to the tank.

Attach the base to the tank

5.-. Flip the tank to its upright position.

When you flip the tank to the upright position after filling it you will see air bubbles rising through the e-liquid. This is a good thing, it means there is a vacuum at the coil level that will help moisten the wick of the coil. Let it sit in upright position for 2 - 3 minutes in order to allow the wicks to get dampened with the liquid (for other methods to prime the coil please read this article: "3 Ways to prime the coil"

Bubbles after filing the tank with e liquid

6.- Screw the assembled tank to the battery.

Putting it all together

7.- Without powering the battery take a GENTLE drag from your Mini Protank to see if air is coming out. If no air is coming out rotate the ring (the piece that has a little hole in the base) of the airflow valve to open it. The reason why you should drag gently is because If you drag too hard and the valve happens to be closed it may cause flooding of the coil.

8.- The battery is shipped in “lock” mode (that means that if you press the button it will not operate). Click the power button 5 times during a 2 second period to “unlock it”. You should see the light around the power button flash 5 times.

9.- Take a drag from the Mini Protank at the same time you press the power button and vapor should start flowing.

10.- Adjust the Airflow valve to your liking.


Buy Kanger Mini Protank Coils

The EVOD USB Battery comes pre-charged from the factory in “lock” mode. The lock mode is a very good feature to use when putting your personal vaporizer in your pocket or a purse as it will stop it from being unintentionally powered.

It is always normal to see a drop of e-liquid in the battery connector when you unscrew the battery to change coils. Just dry the connector gently with a paper towel.

Unscrew the base of the battery to reveal the USB port. Connect the battery with the provided cable to a USB port (your computer, car, etc.) to charge the battery. Since this battery is a passthrough, you can vape while it is charging, so as long as you have a USB port available you will not run out of battery,

Remember that these vaporizers unlike cigarettes are not disposable so in order to keep the hygiene we recommend having disinfecting wipes and wipe the tip and the whole vaporizer during the day every once in a while.

When you change the coils (usually every week or 2) we recommend cleaning the tank under running water. In order to do this, disassemble the tank and hold very carefully every piece under running water (please close the sink hole so you do not loose parts), and then dry with a paper towel and let it air dry if needed. Be very careful not to loose the rubber O-rings that seal the glass against the metal pieces. If you loose an O-ring you need to replace it in order to operate the vaporizer. The extra O-rings included in the kit are not for the glass, those are for the tip which is removable.

By all means keep the battery away from water contact.

This vaporizer (unlike some poorly designed vaporizers) can be left in any position (upside down, laying horizontally, etc.) and it will not leak, so you do not have to worry about how you lay it down.

Make sure to refill the tank when it is at a third of its capacity (avoid by all means getting a "dry hit"), and change coils often as needed.

When to replace the coil:
- if you notice you liquid is darkening (and change the liquid too, it should never darken)
- when you notice a decrease in vapor or flavor

Coils wear out over time. Worn coils may cause leaking and flooding of the base.

We hope you enjoy your kit! And don't forget to check our selection of E-Liquids.

Happy vaping!


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