How to use the Kanger Subox Mini C

Posted by Amina & Veronica on 9th Oct 2018

How to use the Kanger Subox Mini C

How to use the Kanger Subox Mini C

Your kit contains:

Subtank Mini C tank (also called Protank 5)
KBox Mini C Mod (or battery)
MicroUSB cable
User Manual

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Subox Mini C Starter Kit box content

So lets first take a look at the tank:

The Subox Mini C kit has a Subtank Mini C, also known as Protank 5.

The Subtank Mini C is a very unique tank that features a lock mechanism

The lock mechanism allows to open the tank and change the coil very easily. Lets see how it works:

-Screw the tank to the mod all the way without over tightening until you feel the thread has reached the end. Now gently twist the tank counterclockwise until you feel a stop. At that point you can hear a faint click. hold the tank by the base and pull it out the mod. This will reveal the coil. The kit comes with a SSOCC 0.5 Ohm Subox Mini Coil

How to open the tank of the Subox Mini C to expose the coil

Now it is time to prime the coil. Put a drop of e-liquid in each hole 2 or 3 times, do one hole, rotate, do another hole, rotate, and so on.

How to prime the coil of the Subox Mini C

If you want more information on priming the coil please read this article: how to prime an SSOCC coil.

Now that the coil is primed, put back the top of the tank and screw it in all the way clockwise until it reaches a stop. 

Now you need to fill the tank by unscrewing the mouthpiece. Twist the mouthpiece counterclockwise with your fingers to unscrew it from the tank

How to open the Subox Mini C to fill the tank

If it is difficult to unscrew the mouthpiece we suggest using a vape tweezer .

Use vape tweezer to open the Subox Mini C tank if you find it difficult.

Now you can fill the tank. 

Do not pour liquid into the middle tube, pour the liquid in the space close to the glass (see the picture). The middle tube is for airflow.

How to fill the Kanger Subox Mini-c tank

Then screw back the mouthpiece. Always try to keep the tank filled at least 1/3 of its capacity in order to avoid a dry hit (or burning the coil)

Protank 5 or Subtank Mini-C filled

Now lets look at the battery:

The battery, also called "MOD" (for its ability to "modulate" the discharge) has a magnetic lid. Just pull the lid away from the case as seen in the picture below:

How to open the Subox Mini C to place the battery.

The KBOX MINI-C mod does not come with a battery cell. You will need to purchase a 18650 battery. Kangertech recommends to use a 18650 battery cell capable of at least 20A of continuos discharge rate (CDR). If you need batteries for the KBox Mini -C we have the MXJO 3000 mAh 35A and the Samsung 25R which are both very good quality and rated 20A of continuous discharge rate.

Place the battery cell with the positive contact matching the positive sign inside the mod battery chamber as seen in the picture

How to position correctly the battery in a KBox Mini C battery

To turn the KBOX MINI-C on, fast click 5 times the power button.

How to unlock the Subox Mini C

This is how you turn the device on and off.

The screen’s orientation can be changed by holding down the “+” and “-” signs at the same time.

How to flip the screen of the KBox Mini C

Remember to turn off the battery when placing your kit in a purse or pocket to prevent unintended firing of the mod and changes in the wattage settings.

This mod has many security features, one of these is the 10 second auto OFF. It will not fire more than 10 seconds in order to protect the coil from burning.

Now you are ready to vape. Start always with a low wattage setting. 20W is a good place to start. Use the +/- buttons to adjust the wattage. Inhale while pressing the power button and vapor should start coming out.

Congratulations! You are vaping!

Adjust the wattage by small increments until you find your sweet spot, the right combination of flavor and vapor.

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and many more articles in our blog. 

We have the biggest selection of Kangertech Products products in the market.

If you need further assistance do not hesitate to contact us via email at or by phone at 813-600-2900.

Happy vaping!

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