Kanger Cupti Gurgling: 2 Ways to Fix it

Posted by Veronica on 12th Sep 2018

Kanger Cupti Gurgling: 2 Ways to Fix it

2 Ways to Fix the Kanger Cupti Spitting and Gurgling:

Your Cupti is gurgling, spitting and changing the coil does not fix the issue?

It is very common to overfill the tank of the Cupti, and sometimes when doing so, some liquid will find its way to the inside of the wall of the stem and stay trapped there.

We have dealt with this problem in 2 different ways. The objective is to clean the inside of the metal wall of the stem.

Method #1:

1.- Unscrew the stem and unscrew the coil from the stem

2.- Open the airflow valve and wrap a napkin or a paper towel around the top of the stem (so you don't spit liquid all over the place) 

3.- Blow air through the bottom of the stem (making sure you blow air inside the metal wall and not just the middle tube)

4.- Blow inside the wall of the stem enough times to make sure all liquid is out...or, use method #2

Method #2:

1.- Unscrew the stem and unscrew the coil from the stem

2.- Open the airflow valve and run warm water through the stem (upside down) for 2 minutes.

3.- Place the stem in upright position over a paper towel or any absorbent material and let it dry overnight before using it. (You could also use a compressed air bottle to speed up the drying time).

After cleaning the stem and making sure it is completely dry inside the walls, reconnect and prime a new coil (if you need help on how to prime the coil please read this article: 3 ways to prime the coil). Make sure you fill the Cupti right "under" the MAX line. Going over the line and screwing the stem into the cup will more than likely create again the gurgling problem if the liquid finds its way inside the walls of the stem. So make sure you never go over the MAX line (fill the tank placing it in a flat surface to correctly read a "leveled" MAX line).

If this does not help in bringing back the normal performance of your Cupti then there might be something else wrong, but we have found that doing this cleaning solves the problem almost all the time, and we sure hope it solves the gurgling issues you are experiencing.

Send us a note at any time to support@vappora.com if you need any further help.

Happy vaping!

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