Kangertech Company Profile: A Detailed Look Into the Business

Posted by Veronica on 12th Sep 2019

Kangertech Company Profile: A Detailed Look Into the Business

Kangertech Profile: A Detailed Look Into the Business

Its name is synonymous with the vaporizer. Kangertech, commonly known as Kanger, provides consistently high-quality vape products, and there's a reason why.

Since the 1960s when Herbert A. Gilbert invented the first e-cigarette, the vaping industry has boomed. Kangertech is one of the most renowned vaping brands. Their products revolutionize and reshape the industry while retaining strict safety standards.

Read on for a detailed look into this innovative company!

The Rise of E-Cigarettes

We can't begin a profile of Kangertech without first addressing the rise of vaping, as the company was one of the first to offer the modern e-cigarettes we know today.

Since 2006 when the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik manufactured the first modern e-cigarette, the industry has evolved rapidly. In 2007 the first cartomizer was invented by Umer and Tariq Sheikh, which paved the way for clearomizers, or "tanks."

The cartomizer featured a coil housed within the e-liquid chamber.

The History

Kangertech, a Shenzhen based company, entered the e-cigarette field in 2007, one year after Hon Lik introduced the first modern e-cigarette.

Danny Zhu and Li Di Lin founded the company in 2007. Its mission was to provide premium quality vape products at reasonable rates. Their focus, from the start, has been on making products with the highest quality materials that are safe and healthy. In only 6 years, their company grew to over 3,000 workers.

Kangertech is known for being among the first to offer a well-designed e-cigarette with a refillable tank.

The Products

Many of Kangertech's products are affordable and durable.

One of Kangertech's first products to hit the U.S. market was the Kanger E-Smart Clearomizer. For the first time, consumers could make precise measurements of their e-liquid because of the see-through reservoir.

Kangertech is also known for the Protank. It's an attractive, sturdy refillable tank-based system that found worldwide success.

Kangertech's Protank founded the platform known as "glassomizers." For the first time, the e-liquid reservoir or tank is made of high-grade borosilicate glass. The glass substitution had a profound impact on the vaporizer market and opened a new horizon for e-liquid manufacturers as they could move forward without worrying about the degradation of the plastic tanks caused by certain flavors.

Before then, many manufacturers focused on their bottom line and didn't concern themselves with safety or quality.

Once the Protank glassomizer came to market, those manufacturers could no longer compete with cheap, breakable devices. Consumers demanded a quality product.

With Food Grade Stainless Steel construction, replaceable coils and glass rather than the plastic casing, people could now vape e-juices such as cinnamon, citrus, and anise without worrying about cracking their tank. The Protank made its way into en Ego sized version becoming the acclaimed Mini Protank, the most popular and durable Ego sized tank in its time and still loved by many today. The Mini Protank and the popular Kangertech Evod Battery together is one of the most popular vape pen kits with many years of proven success in the market. You can’t go wrong with the Mini Protank 2 and an Evod Battery as a high quality and durable vape pen when making the transition.

The Aerotank Series followed the Protank success. This new series was again, made of the highest Food Grade Stainless Steel while capable of being disassembled and perfectly cleaned. Its motto: "Aerotank for Life." An almost indestructible tank coveted by a group of loyal Kanger lovers that will take nothing in exchange still in present days.

The Aerotank also introduced the dual coil and the adjustable airflow valves, a considerable step forward in better vapor production. The Aerotank design, then came in 3 sizes: Aerotank Mini, Aerotank V2, and Aerotank Mega.

In 2014 Kangertech came out with the Subtank and the SSOCC coils; a breakthrough designed tank that allowed the production of huge clouds only achieved by vapers that on their own risk were rebuilding coils and using mechanical mods to push the limits of vapor production. For the first time, cloud chasing and big cloud production were easy and uncomplicated. The Subtank brought Sub-Ohm vaping to the masses in an easy, healthy and affordable way. What followed was different versions of the Subtank, some smaller like the Mini and Nano versions, which are less bulky than the original Subtank and perfect for traveling. Later on, Kangertech developed the "top-fill design”, making the process of refilling the tank more accessible and theToptank Series was born with its flagship products; the Topbox Mini Kit; and a smaller version, the Topbox Nano Kit. Sub-Ohm vaping made easy! Later on a vape pen kit was introduced with the Toptank: the Subvod Kit with a Toptank Nano, and the Subvod Mega TC with a Toptank Mini.

The "Nebox" introduced a "cup" tank design, with the coil attached to the mouthpiece rather than to the tank base. This design was rapidly improved and perfected, creating the Cupti Kit Series, another breakthrough! The Cupti "cup" design made its way into the vape pen style with the introduction of the Evod Pro, Evod Pro V2 and ultimately a small version of the Cupti called theTogo Mini. Kangertech is always improving and innovating on their impressive product line. For instance, the Kanger Evod Pro V2 Starter Kit incorporates a sleek design and a compact size of fewer than six inches tall and an inch wide.

Their newest product, the Gem Kit, replicates an analog experience (cigarette smoking) with the comforts of a digital platform. With a compact design and next-generation chipset, the Gem Kit is a buttonless vape, inhale just like you would do with a cigarette. Kangertech focuses on delivering a premium experience to consumers on the go.

Focus on Safety

Many people find e-cigarettes as a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, and this means the product's safety standards also need to live up to these same expectations.

Kangertech is known for its affordable products. However, a significant selling-point is their continued focus on product safety. Their high-quality control and safety certifications ensure that customers are receiving products that are safe to use for the long term.

Over ninety percent of the world's e-cigarettes are manufactured in China. However, many Chinese manufacturers operate with very little oversight, and flawed manufacturing can account for heavy metals found within the products.

In 2014, Danny Zhu stated in an interview at the New York Times* that he worried about overseas consumers: "There are lots of small workshops here, with 10 or 20 people, and they have no quality control or safety certifications for the material they use. Some of their products are covered with a layer of paint. It's unhealthy."

With these safety concerns in mind, Kangertech assures customers that their products comply with CE, RoHS, and the international environmental management system's rigorous ISO 14000 standards."

The Impact

Manufacturing costs are much lower in China compared to American and European markets, making it easier for Kangertech to dominate the industry. Despite their affordability, Kangertech products don't look cheaply made. They're known for their clean, smooth designs and ergonomic handling.

They're quick to respond to their customer's criticism and are devoted to improving each new product line. For instance, the original sub-ohm coils of the Subtank Mini had a boxy shape. They now have a compact design that allows a consumer to add more juice to the tank.

Kangertech raised and set the bar in safety higher than any other manufacturer throughout its history, and continues to do today.

Kangertech: A Mainstay of the Vape Industry

Through its affordability, innovation, focus on safety, and slick designs, Kangertech has placed itself as a leading mainstay in the industry. If you're a beginner to vaping or want to invest in another quality product, you can't go wrong with Kangertech!

Ready to make your first purchase of Kangertech products? Check out our selection of premium Kangertech vape starter kits!

*Barboza, David. "China's E-Cigarette Boom Lacks Oversight for Safety." The New York Times. The New York Times, December 13, 2014.


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