Kangertech Cupti - 3 Ways To Fix the "Check Battery" Error

Posted by Veronica on 30th Aug 2018

Kangertech Cupti - 3 Ways To Fix  the "Check Battery" Error

Steps to Fix the Kangertech CUPTI "Check Battery Error":

Do you own a Cupti that suddenly displays "Check Battery" every time you press the power button? If so, we might be able to give you a tip that might fix the problem.

The "check battery" display is intended to signal a defective battery. If your battery is old and not firing the way it should the Cupti will display "check battery

We have 3 ways to deal with this issue:

1.- Replacing the battery: 

Make sure you are using a battery capable of a constant output of 20A and a peak output of 30A. 

We suggest using the MXJO Battery for the Cupti

2.- Clean the battery contacts:

When replacing the battery does not solve the problem, it could be that the battery contacts of the Cupti need to be cleaned. This is a very easy fix that we have found solves the issue 99% of the times.

Just take a look at the picture:

Cupti "Check Battery" Error - Troubleshoot

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With a cotton swab, or a q-tip damped in alcohol, clean the contacts of the Cupti where the arrows in the picture indicate. Pay special attention to the little round knob to the right of the battery compartment.

Once you clean these parts of the battery contacts, place your (good working 18650 battery) and power it on. Did this solved the issue? If not, here is the last thing you can try:

3.- Lift the side metal contact:

Use a pry tool to lift the small flap contact (the elongated metal piece of contact part in the lid) in order to make sure it is making contact with the little round metal piece besides the battery compartment. This usually solves the issue...finally. Sometimes getting a prying tool under the little piece of metal can be quite difficult because the piece is almost flat to its underlying surface. In these cases I have disassembled the lid in order to lift the little metal contact.

We hope this helped you in solving a very common issue.

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