MTL Mouth to Lung Vaping and 3 Other Different Vaping “Modes”

Posted by Veronica on 1st Jun 2018

MTL Mouth to Lung Vaping and 3 Other Different Vaping “Modes”

Vaping Modes (MTL vs. DL):

There are 2 basic ways of vaping depending on how you inhale:

1.- Mouth to Lung (MTL): when you inhale the vapor and hold it in your mouth before passing it to your lungs
2.- Direct to Lung (DL): when you inhale the vapor straight to your lungs.

The first mode (MTL) is usually how cigarette smokers inhale, and so most new vapers usually enjoy this way of vaping. In this mode, the pull or draw is made by the cheeks as opposed to the other mode where the inhalation is made by the lungs (pretty much as breathing). Mouth to lung vaping is the best way to enjoy the flavor of the vapor as you hold it in your mouth.The vaping devices that are specially designed for Mouth to Lung vaping have a “tighter” draw when you inhale, meaning it is harder to pull the vapor compared to direct lung devices. It is important to note that MTL devices are usually designed to handle all levels of nicotine. One thing you must know is that nicotine levels above 6mg do not yield a good flavor or experience when used with devices that operate at sub-ohm levels. So if the device you are using has different options of coils, make sure you choose a coil that is 1 Ohm (1Ω) or higher if you are using nicotine above 6 mg.

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The second mode (DL) is preferred by the “cloud chasers”, those who enjoy making big clouds of vapor. Devices that are specially designed for direct lung vaping have bigger airflow holes and sub-ohm coils. The draw in a Direct Lung device is too loose for a Mouth To Lung vaper, these are designed to pull the vapor with your lungs as opposed to the MTL in which only the power of your mouth or cheeks is used.

It is also important to note that Direct Lung vaping is better when the nicotine level is very low or none. Nicotine when vaped at sub-ohm levels usually yields a burnt flavor and a harsh throat hit. So if you are just quitting smoking I recommend to use a mouth to lung device and get the right level of nicotine. One of the biggest mistakes people make when transitioning is to lower the nicotine level to 0 mg too quickly, increasing the craving for nicotine and thus the chances to go back to cigarettes.Your chances of successful satisfying experience are much better if you get the nicotine level that calms your cravings and stay there for a few months, until you know for sure there is no way back. How do you know? One day when you smell a regular cigarrette you will find it disgusting rather than tempting.

For further information on the nicotine levels please read this article: nicotine level

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Other vaping modes that relate to the device and not the user: VW and TC Mode

Then there are other vaping “modes” that are not related to how you inhale but to how you control your device. These are “Power Mode” and “Temperature Control Mode”. At the end, no matter what mode you use, the result is the same: vapor.

How you control the battery or mod is what makes the difference:

In “Power” mode, you select the amount of Watts of your preference,

In "Temperature Control" mode, you select the temperature at which the vapor is produced; so instead of choosing Watts you can select degrees in Fahrenheit or Celsius (some devices offer both options) in which the vapor is produced.

The coil type that each mode will be compatible with will depend on the device design. Some batteries/mods will require a different type of coil for each mode, other mods that are “universal” will be able to use different makes of coils indistinctly.

Nickel coils are the standard for Temperature Control mode, but as previously stated some devices can be controlled by the temperature even with NiCr coils. The newest stainless steel coils by Kangertech can be used in both mode.

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