Vape Battery Comparison: Which Is Best?

Posted by Sebastian on 20th Jul 2019

Vape Battery Comparison: Which Is Best?

Vape Battery Comparison: Which Is Best?

Especially if you're newer to the world of vaping, it's certainly easy to become overwhelmed by all the different options you have when it comes to vaping devices, tanks, e-juice flavors, and accessories.

Don't worry, even experienced members of the vaping community can get confused from time to time -- especially when it comes to their vape battery options.

In general, you have three main options when it comes to the types of vape batteries you'll use: constant voltage, variable voltage, and variable wattage.

The voltage amount that you choose will depend on the kind of device you're using, your preferred battery life duration, and how willing you are to play around with your settings.

Ready to learn more about the different kinds of vape batteries, and to get some information about the Evod battery difference?

Consider this your crash course in batteries for your vaping device.

A Brief Overview of a Vape Battery

In order to find the right battery for your device, the goal is to find one that provides just the right amount of power.

You definitely don't want to have to deal with charging your battery all the time, but if you get a battery that overpowers your device, it could fry your cartridge and even potentially pose a serious safety risk.

These batteries come in a wide variety of voltage options, which can range from 3.3v to 4.8v and beyond.

In addition to the voltage specs, when you're shopping, you'll come across what's called the "MAH," or milliampere-hour. This is a fancy way of saying how long the battery will last before you need to recharge it. If you're using a vape pen, then you'll probably need batteries within the 280 and above range.

However, if you're using bigger mods and more complicated atomizers, you're going to need something that's closer to the 1,000 MAH range. This is because these big accessories drain your battery much faster than usual.

What is Constant Voltage?

Constant voltage is probably the easiest type of vape battery to understand because it works as most standard batteries do.

Basically, your battery will keep a constant voltage until it dies and needs to be recharged. Your vape production and flavor levels may also slowly deteriorate over time since the coil wears out pretty quickly from the constant voltage exposure.

You can tell it's time to charge or change the mattery when you're not producing high amounts of vapor or when the flavor starts to degrade. Then, you'll have to change the coils in order to get things back to normal.

Constant voltage batteries are best for smaller pen devices and need to be recharged more often than other types.

Understanding Variable Voltage Batteries

Though constant voltage batteries might be easy, most experienced vapers want more of a consistent amount of flavor and cloud production.

So, most will use either variable voltage or variable wattage batteries.

Variable voltage batteries, as the name implies, allow you to change the voltage amount that your battery produces. Usually, you can switch things up anywhere between 3.2v to 5.2v.

But why would you want to change the voltage in the first place?

Because it protects your vape coils and makes it possible for them to last longer than usual (saving you the hassle of cleaning them and the expense of constantly replacing them).

When you notice that your vapor production and the amount of cloud production you can achieve is starting to drop off, you can increase the battery's voltage to keep things going strong.

This means that, when you go with a VV vape battery, you'll be in charge of adjusting the temperature on your own.

What are Variable Wattage Batteries?

Variable wattage batteries are designed to achieve the same effect as variable voltage batteries -- they just make it a bit easier.

Once you've figured out which wattage setting will keep your flavor and vape cloud production consistent, set it to the desired wattage level, and go to town.

The battery will "remember" your ideal wattage setting, and will automatically adjust to keep the battery's wattage at your preferred output. AKA: you won't have to do anything but sit back and enjoy.

What Makes the eVod Battery so Great?

No vape battery review and explanation would be complete without a quick mention of one of the most popular vape battery companies in the world: eVod.

First of all, those in the vaping world love Kanger eVod batteries because they can provide up to 1,600 MAHs of power, meaning that it's right for a variety of devices. It also comes in tons of different colors, from black and pink to blue or sleek steel.

It lasts for about eight hours and comes with a portable eVod USB charger that's easy to use.

It also takes much less time to charge than other batteries on the market, so you can get back to vaping in no time flat.

Ready to Find the Vape Battery You Need?

Now that you're a serious vape battery expert, it's time to start your shopping.

In addition to incredible eVod batteries, we also have excellent options from Kbox, M1, Subvod, EMUS, and many other leading brands. We have 510 thread batteries, twist batteries, buttonless batteries, and other batteries that you might need for your device.

But at Vappora, we don't just sell batteries.

We can also hook you up with some of the most coveted vape starter kits, tanks, accessories, coils, vape juice flavors, and more.

Consider us your one-stop shopping resource for all things related to the vaping world.


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