Kangertech Coils

We have the largest selection of Kangertech Coils in the market. We are an authorized Kangertech distributor, and you can rest assure that our coils are 100% authentic.


Why is it important to buy authentic Kangertech Coils?

It is all about your health. We can not emphasize more the importance of acquiring authentic Kangertech Coils. Coils play the most critical part in the production of vapor; it is where the heat takes place, and the liquid gets converted into vapor.

Can you imagine inhaling the vapor produced by a contaminated metal or cotton wick? 

Kangertech is a reputable manufacturer who has had since the beginning, safety as its primary focus. All their products comply with CE, RoHS, and the international environmental management system's rigorous ISO 14000 standards. 


Why buy from us?

When you buy from us, you have the peace of mind the coils you are purchasing are authentic. We source all our coils directly from Kangertech or other Authorized US Distributors. Besides that, we have the most extensive selection of Kangertech Coils. If you are looking for a Kangertech Coil that is not in our catalog, send us a message.


How to choose the right coil:


  • Always check your battery or kit specifications on the resistance level (Ohms - Ω) it supports, and never select a resistance level (Ohm) outside the supported range.
  • The higher the resistance (Ω=Ohm), the less heat and vapor production: a 1.8Ω coil produces less heat than one with a Resistance of 1.2Ω.
  • The lower the resistance (Ohm), the more heat, and vapor production: a 0.5Ω coil produces more vapor and heat than a 1Ω coil.
  • If you need any help or have any questions when selecting the coils for your Kangertech Kit send us an email or give us a call.



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